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2011-08-10 18:13:19 by ComicJake

Here is two new articles:

Cowboys & Aliens 2? Maybe...

Cowboys & Aliens was the number one movie in sales last weekend making $36.4 million in gross sales. Even thought the movie was expected to make $40 million, many people are asking, is there going to be a sequel? The rumor mill is over flowing with guesses. We were able to get this piece of juicy information from anonymous source.

This anonymous source says there is a sequel in the works and that the storyline is already written. The sequel will take place in modern day Texas. A new group of aliens has come to this land for one thing only, money. Apparently what ever our money is made out of is a rare material where they come from. The aliens first seem peaceful and start taking small jobs to make money.

But then, some so called "cowboys" notice they are starting to take all the jobs on the market. The cowboys then set out to roundup all the aliens and send them back to where they came from. But some of the humans start working with them.

Some the humans from a political party start fighting for the aliens, saying they have rights just like the humans of this world do. Then other humans make trades with the aliens for drugs from the aliens' land, which just so happens to be very addictive to our kind.

We finally got our hands on what the sequel might be called. So far the sequel is being called Cowboys & Aliens 2: Planet Mexico.

This article was written for comedy purpose only and should not be taken to be in anyway true.
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The Stayover Relationship

The University of Missouri-Columbia has released a study stating, "an alternative to fully cohabiting couples are spending three of more nights together a week and still maintaining their own homes, which could help to explain recent U.S. census data that indicates people are getting married later." They are calling this the stayover relationship.

I believe this is due to the fact that women are getting smarter. It gives the women in the relationship time to train the men to give up their manhood and slowly move in without them noticing. By the time women train the men to put the toilet seat down, they have already moved in.

Men are giving up their man card without even noticing it. All we men notice is that we are getting laid about 2-3 times a week, and she is making comments about our place being mess and/or not putting the toilet seat down. Next thing you know there is 14 pair of shoes in our closet, 37 sets of dresses, and our DVD collection has been replaced with romantic comedies and the whole series of Sex in the City. If your friends came over for a beer, they probably think you decided to become a cross dresser.

Men, go check your closets. Make sure their are only 2 pillows on your bed, not 8. If you notice that there is something a mist, tell your women, "I piss standing up, so if you don't like it, make me a sandwich and leave."
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2 New Articles

New Projects in The Works

2011-02-28 02:33:54 by ComicJake

Well I got a call back from a club that wants me to set up a stand-up comedy night. Been working a lot on my jokes.

My buddy is going to start making flash movies soon. Got to start working on my voice acting for that.

Well Newgrounds, I have to write a 5 paged narrative story (in MLA format) to help prove a point in a argument. I have started on the story, and I am going to post it after it is done. right now I need to find a argument to write a story about... Hmmm...

Something for Newgrounds

2011-01-07 23:45:31 by ComicJake

I know I haven't put out a script yet to show you Newgrounds, But that has changed. After drinking 2 monster and spending 1 1/2 hours writing, I have written a shot script. I have posted it in the forum. here is the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/12 23271

Script on Hold

2011-01-07 20:32:18 by ComicJake

My writing is on hold till I get all my stuff ready for college. I doubt anyone is even paying attention to my post since all I have done on this site is review and rate movie and games. BUT SOON, I will be producing some grade A stuff. Just give me sometime.

Script on Hold

Hey there Newgrounds! I am working on my first script, hopefully I can get it animated. The idea I have is about people working in retail stores. I just left my job at OfficeMax and I hated working there but there was some funny stuff that we did to pass the time. I hoping I can get all my idea down and get the script a going.

Alright People!

2010-12-14 16:49:59 by ComicJake

Alright I am working on my stand-up act so I havn't had time to work on my voice acting or script writting but I do have an idea about a script I want to write. Once I get some more time to write on other things other the stand-up comedy I will let you guys know